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BMT Scientific Marine Services - ROV Serviceable Strain Sensor Assembly- Video

Monitoring the structural integrity of subsea structures (tendons, production risers, steel catenary risers, platform legs and braces, etc.) requires a subsea strain sensor that is reliable, long-lasting and accurate. BMT's Subsea Strain Sensor meets these needs and can be bolted to pipes of almost any size. An array of 4 or more sensors is recommended for most applications.

The strain sensor is housed in a pressure-balanced, oil-filled corrosion resistant alloy enclosure with dual bellows. The two bellows work together to offer very low activation force and to permit pressure compensation in very deep water, while the oil bath and corrosion resistant alloys serve to increase the sensor's longevity.

The ROV-serviceable version of BMT's subsea strain sensor assembly (SSSA) offers FPSO and platform operators an increased degree of system reliability. The design provides the option of replacing the SSSAs in the event of a deep-water failure, when cost or safety concerns would prohibit diver operations. Laboratory testing has demonstrated the full-scale accuracy of the sensor to be equal to that of the diver-serviceable designs. In addition, full-scale ROV tank testing has proven the ability of a typical work-class ROV to completely remove and replace a sensor repeatedly.

The design is purely mechanical and only requires the ROV to have one 5-function and one 7-function manipulator. A tool for handling the sensor mates with a frame bolted to the riser or subsea structure in order to provide the precise alignment needed to attach the sensor repeatably and accurately. As long as the failed sensor is replaced in the presence of at least three functioning sensors, the absolute tension or bending moment measurement is preserved during and after the change-out operation.

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