BRON SWRT - Subsurface Water Retention Technology Video


BRON SWRT is a zero maintenance water conservation system that turns sandy and permeable soils into sustainable and highly productive crops! SWRT also improves the ecosystem, soil fertility, carbon sequestration, and biodegradation of toxins which results in sustainable economic growth all while protecting the environment! The human population of the world is set to increase from 7 billion to 9 billion by 2050 and deep well water tables are dropping to deeper depths as we tap those resources dry! Not only will the increased population place more demand on fresh water resources, but there will also be more demand for food from crops and livestock as well as biofuel alternatives which also require fresh water! BRON SWRT membranes can be installed quickly and efficiently; lasting beyond 40 years, they remain the most cost effective solution for plant root water retention which means MORE CROP FOR EVERY DROP!

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