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Builders or Developers can Build Better on Lots Video

A beautiful piece of land is available to build a wonderful new community. Everything seems to be progressing smoothly, until the subject turns to wastewater, sewers and septic. No sewers are available. Old septic rules declare much of the land unbuildable or buildable only on large lots. There are better ways of solving this old problem. Smarter, more affordable and sustainable solutions are available that will help these projects move forward, while protecting the environment. Better ideas really do make the difference. Old ideas and conventional septic systems force developments into rigid, unimaginative locations. With the FAST System from Bio-Microbics, safe and reliable advanced wastewater transfer and treatment system can increase opportunities for better density on smaller, more sensible lots. Wastewater from clusters of homes can be effectively transferred and treated on much smaller community-sized lots, utilizing vast open green spaces for enhanced amenities and improved beautification. Imagine a beautiful new world of limitless possibilities in a sustainable community design with proven, environmentally friendly, advanced wastewater transfer and treatment systems.

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