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Calculate BOD_Mg/L

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Calculate BOD Parts per Million (PPM) or Milligrams per Liter (Mg/L)

In this first example, we're

going to calculate the BOD, milligrams per liter.

Wastewater Math calculated with Excel by Microsoft.

Wastewater Dan presents Wastewater Math calculated

with Excel spreadsheets, as a new service of ESDLT's

Environmental Academy, environmentalacademy.com. In

this first example, we're going to calculate the BOD

milligrams per liter.

I want to start out with this basic formula. By the

way, I'm going to be presenting all these in Microsoft's

Excel spreadsheets to help us increase the accuracy of our

work and to give us a backup source to check the accuracy

of the work on our calculators. The formula is very simple.

That is the milligrams per liter equals the pounds divided

by the gallons in increments of millions. That's because

our answer is in increments per millions. Milligrams per

million is the same as parts per million. We multiply it by

8.34. That's our basic formula: pounds divided by

increments, gallons of water increments of millions times


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