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CAS Super Track Slinger Video

Conveyor Application Systems, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rexius Company who originally built and operated mobile conveyor application systems in the 1940's. Rexius is internationally known for its invention and innovation of the pneumatic Express Blower Truck™ over 60 years ago, and continues to work to create new innovations for the industry in material application. High speed conveyor application equipment is an extension of the same technical know-how that placed blower trucks and rock blowers on the map today. CAS®, LLC operates out of Eugene, Oregon and is the only company building complete mobile conveyor trucks in the United States of America. Quality workmanship is our trademark, and CAS strives to build a machine that fits the needs of the market, and maintains a working condition that encourages profitable operation and sustained asset life.

We build to order at our own manufacturing plant. For more information and to speak with a sales representative about a free DVD and brochure, please call:
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