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Ceti Inverso TC100C Microscope : Medline Scientific-Video

This inverted biological compound microscope offers high quality specifications using both bright field and phase contrast viewing.

The key features are:
Delivered as a complete package: comprising of 5 objectives, phase plates, full mechanical stage and trinocular port.

The Optical head is a 45° inclined trinocular head with 10x / 22mm eyepieces
Illumination is via a 30w halogen bulb to ensure bright viewing of the samples when under either brightfield or phase contrast.

The quintuple nosepiece located under the stage holds the 5 planachromatic objectives comprising dedicated 4 and 40x for brightfield, shared 10 and 20x for both brightfield and phase contrast plus a dedicated 40x phase contrast objective.

The Mechanical stage provides full X-Y movement which holds a 96 well plate with a removable central glass plate for access to the objective turret. A variety of adaptors allow for 65mm Petri dishes, tissue culture flasks, slides and haemocytometers to be held. For large tissue culture flasks the stage can be removed.

The Phase rings are precentred and fixed sitting in a single sliding annular phase contrast plate with a neutral brightfield viewing position that slides through the condenser housing.

The Condenser is a long working distance, precentred and prefocussed condenser with a holder for the inclusion of a choice of optical filters comprising of neutral density, green or blue colouration.

Inverso Epi Fluorescence

This is identical to the above unit except that the:

Fluorescent filter blocks 2 included as standard; Blue (FITSC) and Green (TRIC).

HBO light source. A 100W mercury bulb provides the fluorescent light source and has a separate power control box that contains a usage timer log counter.

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