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Lead Battery Recycling Plant, Cap. 500 tpd = 150.000 tpy - Video

Plant installed at TIANNENG INTERNATIONAL CO.LTD. , 天能集团, No. 1 TianNeng road Shuyang Economic Development Zone - JIANGSU Province - CHINA, committed on 2010 The plant includes: - Battery breaker cap. 25 tph - Paste de-sulphuration with anhydrous sodium sulphate (Na2SO4) production (Note: the Crystallizer unit by customer) - Couple of 12 m3 rotary furnaces with automatic loader and with oxy-fuel (N.G.) burner - N. 6 kettles 120 tons with accessories (skimmers, stirrers, pumps, etc) - N. 1 ingot caster with automatic stacker for 25 Kg ingots at 20 tph cap. - N. 1 de-dusting system including: - settling chambers connected to the rotaries where settling the heavier dust (crusts also) and where monitoring the temperature & pressure. - afterburning with wet quenching of the exhaust gases destroying the dioxins. - mixing chamber where mixing the exhaust gas from the two rotaries with the sanitary air from the rotary houses and from the casting tunnel - lime injection to pre-coat the bags at the bag filter - couple of bag filters pulse-jet type, parallel working - stack with flow, temperature, dust, SOx, NOx continuous monitoring station and with batch monitoring the dioxins

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