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Compacting drums made of polycarbonate and LDPE Video

Producers of spring water in large 19 litre PC drums for water coolers destroy goods returned because of production faults, or because they are past their sell-by dates, in order to prevent them from being resold in error.

The same applies to other manufacturers of products in large containers made of polycarbonate or LDPE.

The very size of these drums makes them extremely inconvenient to handle and transport, but RUNI has developed one of the only solutions available to empty, destroy and compact the large drums in a single, simple process.

The RUNI SK370 Ø600 mm empties and compacts containers and drums made of polycarbonate or LDPE of up to 600 mm diameter.

It saves both storage and handling costs for the producer. Locating the compactor close to the production facility ensures greater destruction security and saves transport costs by avoiding unnecessary transport of the full containers.

Both PC and LDPE can be sold as material for reuse when compacted

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