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Conceptual Modeling: Convert to Numerical Model Video

This video describes the final step in the conceptual modeling workflow: converting the conceptual model to a regular numerical model.

Once the conceptual model has been fully defined and a model grid has been generated, you will be able to convert your conceptual model to a traditional numerical model. The model conversion entails merging the defined conceptual model elements with available grids or meshes. Property values and boundary conditions will be assigned to the appropriate numerical grid cells based on their distribution throughout the conceptual model domain.

Once the conversion to numerical model is complete you will proceed to a truncated numerical modeling workflow, providing you with the opportunity to define ZoneBudget zones, particle seed points, observation data and any other elements of the model which can’t be assigned during the conceptual modeling workflow. And once the conversion to numerical model is complete you will be able to translate and run your model with the compatible flow/transport engines.

For more training resources please visit the Visual MODFLOW Flex support page: https://www.waterloohydrogeologic.com/visual-modflow-flex/#tab-5433d64180dfb0b9e20

Visit our Youtube channel for further training videos focused on the numerical modeling workflow: https://www.youtube.com/user/swsinfo/videos

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