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Correlux C-3 Hybrid Correlator | Correlators Video

In this video we show you the Correlux C-3 –Hybrid correlator for online and offline correlation from SebaKMT. Subscribe us:
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Correlux C-3
Hybrid Correlator for online and offline correlation

- Easy to use with colour touch display
- Long operating time and inductive sensor charging
- Pinpointing with multi-sensors or gorund microphone
- Perfect for plactic pipes and trunk mains
- Multi-correlation without pipe parameter input

The Correlux C-3 correlator locates leaks in drinking water pipes. Pressurized water at the leak location creates a noise which travels out in all directions of the pipe.

THe Correlux C-3 is suitable for both immediate measurement (online) as well as night measurement (offline). If the measuring point is easily accessible and is not in a danger area, then online measurement comes into effect. Power transmitters are deployed in this case (trannsmitter and microphone). These transmit the live signal directly to the correlator and you receive the result immediately.

However, if the measuring point is in an area which is difficult to access or if there is lots of interference, then you have the option to conduct an offline measurement using the power transmitters or up to 8 multi-sensors. the muli-sensors are programmed accordingly with the correlator and then deployed. Follwing the measurement the power transmitters and multi-sensors are collected and the data can be read and evaluated by the correlator.

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