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CorSolutions Microfluidic Flow Meter - Video

CorSolutions is a microfluidics company based in Ithaca, New York that specializes in precision low flow pulseless pumps, flow meters, chips, lab-on-a-chip connectors, versatile probes and probe stations. Learn more at

The CorSolutions flow meter can be placed in-line at any desired point in a microfluidic system for fast and accurate determination of liquid flow rates. With its precision thermal mass flow sensor, it can cover ranges from milliliters, to microliters, down to mere nanoliters per minute. If you are using gravity, pneumatic, or syringe-based fluid delivery, with no in-line flow measurement, then this flow meter is a truly essential item for your experiments or processes.

To use the CorSolutions flow meter, just connect it in-line with your experiment, and it will measure the real-time flow rates that are being delivered. The onboard microprocessor allows for a variable amount of data smoothing. The flow meter comes pre-calibrated for water and can be recalibrated for use with other liquids. The CorSolutions flow meter can be used either by itself or attached to a computer via USB for data logging. Additionally, there is an optional analog output channel.

A variety of fittings are available to accommodate tubing of different diameters. The bottom of the flow meter is ¼-20 threaded so it can be attached to a stand or a probe station.

This video was produced by Dylan Bleier for Tom Corso.

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