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CorSolutions Microfluidic Probes (Connectors) - Video

CorSolutions is a microfluidics company based in Ithaca, New York that specializes in precision low flow pulseless pumps, flow meters, chips, lab-on-a-chip connectors, versatile probes and probe stations. Learn more at

The CorSolutions microfluidic probe is a versatile and leak-free alternative to permanently gluing connectors to microfluidic chips or custom machining specialty jigs and clamps. The unique, patented technology allows for non-permanent leak-tight connections with easy adjustment and alignment of tubing to the device ports. The CorSolutions probe is device independent and allows for low dead-volume interfacing to virtually any microfluidic chip substrate material.

The probe features an adjustable compression mechanism that puts a controlled amount of sealing force on the tube-to-chip connection. The adjustable height and removable end attachment holds the tubing inside a gasket and presses it flat against the chip surface. A variety of CorSolutions probe end attachments are available. For high pressure applications, nuts and ferrules can be ordered with these attachments.

To use the CorSolutions microfluidic probe, simply move it over the desired location and release the compression mechanism. To break the connection, just push down on the mechanism and slide the probe away from the port. It is fast and easy to make quality connections, remove connections, and change fluid type. The probes work for liquids, gasses, or a mixture of both.

CorSolutions probes can either mount to a magnetic base plate or screw in at a sliding and pivoting attachment point. Both user-friendly mounting mechanisms allow for easy manipulation of the probe on the mounting surface. A magnetic probe kit designed for use on a microscope stage is available, as well as a standalone optical breadboard table.

This video was produced by Dylan Bleier for Tom Corso.

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