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Cross Wrap - Video ► Cross Wrap Ltd. manufactures automatic waste bale wrappers and bale openers for waste and recyclable materials.

With over 18 years of experience in packing different waste and recyclable materials, Cross Wrap Ltd. is the leading supplier of the waste bale wrapping machines and automatic bale openers. The CW wrapping machine is suitable for all balers and we have models for all bale sizes and volumes.

00:01 First film layer vertically. No more dropping material
00:18 Horizontal wrapping closing the bale with 750 mm film
00:44 For long time storage, the last vertical layer is important protection for bales.
00:57 Cross Wrapped bales for long time storage is the first standard program
01:09 Less time needed for the bale when using belt conveyors for wrapping
01:20 Second standard program is for short time storage and transport
01:25 First layer vertically and over the corners
01:40 Final step closing 2m³ bale in 60 sec with 750mm film
02:08 Baling and wrapping costs are very low when using only three ties and light wrapping
02:25 Bales are shipped from UK to the Netherlands for energy use to save other fuels
02:24 Some materials are dry and only vertical wrapping is needed
02:56 Transportation by train is clean and effective. This video’s material is used for energy in Austria.
03:09 RDF stored for central heating system in Germany
03:27 Mobile units in Scandinavia
03:40 Cross Wrap in ► Germany ► Catalonia ► Transporting in the USA ► Fuel storage in Korea ► Energy storages in Europe
04:43 3 Ton Bales by train to landfill in the USA
05:10 Cross Wrap Bale Opener in Germany
05:42 Separating ties and film in Austria
06:45 Bale handling in a Waste to Energy site
07:00 Cross Wrap Bale Opener operating in the Netherlands

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