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CW 2200 Waste Bale Wrapper | Cross Wrap Video ► CW 2200 Waste Bale Wrapper - Highest production rate in the business. Lowest operational cost in the business.

00:33 Fully automatic - Saves labour cost
00:50 Suitable for all bale sizes
01:13 The amount of wrapping film layers is adjustable by the user
01:26 The amount of the layers is dependent on the material, storage time and the number of different handling and transportation stages
01:45 Suitable for different materials
01:55 ► Municipal solid waste (MSW) ► Solid recovered fuel (SRF) ► Fluff ► Refused Derived Fuel (RDF)
02:08 Compatible with any baler
02:34 Bale wrapping capacity up to 80 tons per hour
03:06 CW 2200 is also available as a mobile unit
03:46 Cross Wrapped bales stay wrapped right, even after extensive transport, handling and storage

CW 2200 Waste Bale Wrapper - Over 350 deliveries - Over 45.000.000 Cross Wrapped bales in 44 countries

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