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CW Direct Bale Wrapper | Cross Wrap Video ► CW Direct Bale Wrapper. No need for ties. Direct wrapping from the bale chamber. Cross Wrap Direct wraps the bale automatically.

00:40 No need for wires and ties
00:54 The amount of wrapping film layers is adjustable by the used
01:11 Clean process, no litter
01:20 Suitable for 2-ram balers
01:36 Three wrapping arms guarantee the highest production rate in the business
01:54 Cross Wraps each bale securely
02:32 Durable bales for transport and storage

New CW Direct Waste wrapper. Real savings in materials and labour. Enables the baling of difficult materials: ► Wood chips ► Fiber ► Peat ► Fluff

► Municipal solid waste (MSW)
► Solid recovered fuel (SRF)
► Construction waste (C&D)
► Refused Derived Fuel (RDF)

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