Dairy Farm uses Trident Technology for Nutrient Recovery from Dairy Manure Video

Trident Nutrient Recovery installation at Prairies Edge Dairy Farm in Fair Oaks, Indiana.

This 3,500 head dairy uses sand bedding. This is the second Trident Nutrient Recovery System installed at Prairies Edge. Two years previous the first Trident system was commissioned on one of their sites with an anaerobic plug flow digester. The installation in this video is referred to as “Cold Process” configuration.
Effluent from the sand separation is pumped to Trident’s first stage treatment to allow proper conditioning and coarse fiber separation. The process starts with a rotary screen followed by a screw press. Real-time monitoring ensures consistently high system performance, even with fluctuating feedstock. The dewatered fiber is conveyed to storage and the liquid portion containing the nutrients is sent to Trident’s secondary treatment.
At this stage a custom polymer is added to the process and the material enters the 200 square foot DAF. The flocculated nutrient rich solids float to the top and are raked off before gravity fed into the MD Press. This Dewatering Press is critical to the operation due to it’s efficient dewatering technology. The CIP system keeps the discs clear and ensures smooth operation. The MD Press has a very low power and maintenance requirement compared to other technologies like centrifuge and belt press equipment.
The MD Press produces a highly concentrated nutrient cake that averages 20 to 25% dry matter, which results in reduced shipping and storage requirements. This cake is conveyed to storage and can be used on farm for land application or could be used as a feed stock for commercial fertilizer production.
State of the art Trident Automation reduces operator error. Remote support is available to monitor and update the system. As operational conditions change the Trident Automation System is making adjustments to keep the system functioning properly.

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