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DEWA Sludge and Scum Collectors Video

DEWA Chain & Flight type sludge and scum removal system is reliable, and user-friendly solution for rectangular settling basins. DEWA chain scrapers can be used in water and wastewater treatment, API oil-water separation, stormwater treatment, and desalination.

DEWA chain scrapers can be built one on top of the other in 2 – 3 layers, and are applicable for rectangular basins up to 100m long and 12m wide. DEWA chain scrapers are available in two/three- shaft (bottom or surface) or 4- shaft (bottom and surface) configurations, depending on the clarifier type.

DEWA chain scraper system includes unique tensioning system, that allows chain tensioning without draining tank. This saves time and resources, and makes it the most operator friendly solution. System is tightened above of the water level with a simple screwing system. DEWA tensioning system prevents misalignment faults, which are caused if chain gets loose. Tensioning system can be equipped with automatic tensioner and sensor indicators. These features are convenient when sludge collector is totally under the water, and it is not visible for the operator.

DEWA chain scraper is designed to operate for decades. DEWA systems are made of high quality, non-corrosive components. High-grade plastic and stainless steel components make the system robust and reliable. Safety components, such as overload and flight run indicators, enable safe and comfortable use for operators.

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