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Dime Water - Turning Sea Water into Drinking Water Video

Michael Colburn, Vice President and Chief Engineer at Dime Water Inc. talks about a custom designed sea water system, which turns sea water into drinking water. This system is special, as it is designed to be solar powered and will be used off the coast of Australia to provide drinking water for some rather unfortunate souls that need the water. The system will not be attended on a daily basis and will be left to run on its own, so it needed a rather large cartridge filter that has an extended life. Also, the system is protected by a non-electrical chemical feed system that feeds the unit so that the scale does not form within the membrane. A carbon block filter was also incorporated to keep organic contaminants away from the water. Powered by a 1 HP DC motor, the system is designed to simply start and run. http://www.dimewaterinc.com/custom/solar-system-australia/

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Dime Water Inc. is a water treatment manufacturer located north of San Diego, occupying 2 company-owned facilities with 10,000 square feet of space. The company is staffed by mechanical and electrical engineering personnel and specializes in designing and constructing products to fit the needs of all customers. A truly vertically-integrated company, Dime Water Inc. has met the critical expectations of customers such as NASA, US Army, Mitsubishi, General Motors and the University of Tokyo. http://www.dimewaterinc.com/

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