DIVERSITECH - Monsoon Wet Downdraft Table - For Combustible or Explosive Dust - FABTECH 2018 - Video


See the MONSOON™ Wet Downdraft Table product series at FABTECH 2018 in Atlanta, GA. These units deliver the safe capture of hazardous/combustible dusts with the smallest equipment footprint in the industry. This self-contained wet downdraft table's patent-pending design achieves a very high face-velocity at a very affordable price. A wide range of application kits and custom fittings can help you meet your NFPA and OSHA requirements.

The MONSOON™ 3' x 6' includes a Water Control System that automatic fills to keep the correct water level in the basin. This wet filtration table is perfect for capturing combustible dust, including mixtures of steel, aluminum, titanium, and magnesium.

The MONSOON™ works by drawing dust-laden air through the table surface and into a cascading water bath. The wet downdraft table cleans the air by using the combined action of centrifugal force and a thorough intermixing of water and dust laden air. The dust is spearated from the airstream by water droplets created by the flow of air through strategically placed baffle plates. Once wet, the dust becomes permanently trapped and falls down into a reservoir.

Since its incorporation in 1984, Diversi-Tech has been a leader in the Air Pollution Control Industry designing, supplying and installing a complete line of Air-Filtration & Dust Collection products. Diversi-Tech's unique products and customized filtration systems have been sold around the world to a variety of different industries from aerospace to automotive, manufacturers to film studios.Diversi-tech has a filtration system that deals with every type of pollutant, including: metal, wood, plastic, composite, pharmaceutical, oil and coolant mist, spray paint, odor and fume control. With a detailed assessment of your needs, professional installation services and our hands-on approach, Divers-tech will create a safe environment for your employees and systems.

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