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DO2E Water Curtain/Aerator Video

-Prevent oil from entering: Marinas; Bayous; Estuaries; Creeks and canals.
*oxidizes hydro carbons suspended in the water column.
-Increase dissolved oxygen for fish and wildlife.
-Remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) from stagnant bodies of water
-Eliminate fecal coli from bayous, estuaries, creeks, canals, ponds and waste water holding ponds.
-Remove 95% of all heavy metals in the water.
-Destratify water in various impoundments.
-Reduce sludge build up in marinas, bayous, estuaries, creeks, canals, ponds, waste water holding ponds by up to 90%.
-Increase fish pond production by up to 80%.
-Remove harmful bacteria from water columns.

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