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Watch the GGB Bearing Technology philosophy and listen to what the executive team, including Steve Macadam, CEO, has to say on where they are headed as a company and how the implementation of the Double Bottom Line concept is proving successful across at GGB Bearing Technology.

The core values of the company are safety, excellence and respect. Everything we do is centred around these three key values, hence our double bottom line company structure. This allows for the full release of human possibility!

We strongly believe in the intertwining of personal development and business growth within GGB. Our values are reflected in how we invest in people, in their ideas and give them opportunities to extend their skills and competencies. Not only does this engage and promote talent but it gives us the ability to deliver and compete which is also better for business. The double bottom line structure values both the company and the social development of its members, without one, the other cannot advance.

Utilising tools and providing a diverse range of training is all well and good, however, to discover real potential we thought it was also important to give our employees autonomy and responsibility. In terms of autonomy, disputes in the workplace are solved by specially trained group peers, who learn about psychology and mitigating the situations, as opposed to going through the hierarchical chain of command.

We deem the double bottom line organisational structure a success and will continue to improve the company for as long as its members allow.

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