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Dust Suppressors for Quattro UK - MAJOR Industrial Tanker Solutions Video

MAJOR dust suppression units are reliable, versatile, and compliant solutions for London-based Quattro UK in Waste Management, Recycling, Utilities, Building, Construction and Civil Engineering industries.

The 2400-gallon LGP Dust Suppression units are specially designed with:

☑ water spinners that apply sufficient water to control dust while avoiding flooding and surface run-off
☑ rain gun water canon that can dampen material over 70m (200ft) high
☑ extendable road blaster bar with hydraulic lift
☑ wash-down facility
☑ commercial-grade axles with suspension rated to 100km/hr

Michael McDermott, Plant Manager, Quattro UK Ltd says:
'MAJOR tankers are absolutely totally reliable. In all the years we have had them, we’ve had no significant issues. That’s important because we hire them out a lot throughout the year. They are very simple to operate so suit many of our customers. They are great engineers and always willing to manufacture something special, built for purpose and built to last.'

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