Environmental Energy Resources Ltd. (EER)

EER`s PGM Technology Video

Environmental Energy Resources Ltd. ('EER') is an environmental technology company dedicated to the development of PGM Technology (Plasma Gasification Melting), a compelling approach to treatment and disposal of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Medical Waste (MW), Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste (LILRW) while producing energy.

EER's major breakthrough with PGM technology is the development of a highly efficient reactor configuration enabling the achievement of practically 'Zero Waste' while avoiding the economic deficiencies usually associated with plasma use and the damaging environmental effects usually associated with incineration.

PGM technology is capable of complying with the most stringent environmental regulations at considerably lower costs compared to alternative technologies.

EER was founded in 2000 by Moshe Stern and the Founders group (including the Russian scientists who developed the original technology).

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