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Effective Software-Transforming Workplace Safety - Video

Safety is not just my responsibility, it is everyone’s responsibility.

Effective Software is transforming workplace safety and here’s how...

The days of endless paperwork and complicated spreadsheet reports are gone.

We are putting your safety management system in the hands of every employee by taking our world class safety platform, and shrinking it to fit in your pocket.

Meet our new mobile app: Engage

Engage allows everyone in your workplace to positively engage with health and safety.

Reporting an Observation, is now as easy as sharing a photo. Just click……type……and share.

Feeding insightful information to your safety team.

And that's not all. Capturing Incidents…..Carrying out Audits…… Managing Actions….., and more, all available in every employees hand.

Enable your workforce to be an integral part of your safety management system.

Empower your safety team, operations managers and board of directors with the right information to make better decisions for safety improvements and initiatives.

Enjoy being part of the solution, let your employees be happier in the knowledge that you and your business cares about health and safety.

Engage your employees – Engage by Effective

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