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Elemental Water Makers, the Technology Explained Video

Elemental Water Makers provides complete reverse osmosis systems driven by solar, wind and/or wave energy to enable affordable fresh water on-site. Our solutions solve fresh water scarcity, while only using the sea, sun, earth & wind.

Now, let us explain the system. The system uses wind or solar energy connected directly to a pump, which displaces salt water when there is renewable energy available. The saline source water is displaced towards an elevated water buffer, which will provide the pressure required for the reverse osmosis process.However, this would require a significant elevation difference in the surroundings. A salinity increase in the source water requires more elevation. To overcome this limitation we greatly reduce the amount of elevation difference required, by re-using the energy of the brine flow, using an Energy Recovery Device. By correctly sizing all components, fresh water is produced at a consistent rate, 24 hours a day, using the constant pressure provided by the elevated water buffer. Because of the salt water buffer, the system runs continuously without any auxiliary power, storing the fresh water in a water tank. Pre-filtration and post treatment are also part of the system and depend on the source water quality. Once the water and location parameters are known, Elemental Water Makers provides an efficient and eco-friendly customized solution.

Elemental Water Makers is a spinoff company of the University of Technology Delft in The Netherlands and has won several awards with their renewable driven desalination technology. The technology has been successfully tested in the field during a pilot in Indonesia and is ready for commercial implementation.

If you’re looking for an affordable and sustainable fresh water supply, contact us and join us in solving fresh water scarcity, using only the sea, sun, earth and wind.

Patent pending, application number:
International: PCT/NL2015/050290
United Kingdom: GB1407588.1
The Netherlands: NL2012722

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