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Enerpat Circuit Board Shredder and Recycling Line Video


Bulky Waste Recycling Line - Enerpat
Bulky Waste Shredding Line-Enerpat

Bulky waste shredding line - Watch our complete bulky waste shredding line in action.
From mattress to sofa
The video show Enerpat bulky waste shredding line in shanghai customer yard for mattress and sofa recycling and shredding

See the bulky waste shredding line at http://www.enerpatrecycling.com

Enerpat recycling has offices and agents around the world.
Contact one near you via our website http://www.enerpatrecycling.com

Enerpat Recycling was established in 1936, We now have our main factory HQ in Shanghai. Our 66,000 sq ft factory hosts our 50+ engineers,designers and technicians.
Our support staff can be contacted at enerpatcompany@gmail.com or call our UK Sales HQ on 0044-20-8133-4622

Bulky waste shredding line
Bulky waste recycling line
Bulky waste shredder
Bulky waste recycling
Bulky waste shredding machine
Mattress shredders
Mattress Shredding Machine
Sofa shredders
Sofa shredding machine

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