Impact Assessment Limited Corporation

Environmental impact assessment (video)

Brief about the firm:
EIA (i.e., Environmental Impact Assessment Ltd. Corporation) is a consulting firm in the field of environmental management consultancy. EIA is specialized in making environmental impact assessment (EIA) services and reports to its clients. Since the establishment, EIA has limited itself to produce only one type of consulting services. It is believed that one of our main competitive advantages is the high specialization in a single service (i.e., EIA service). This high-specialization leads us to focus on our business to maintain quality in our services, to increase creativity in our methods and techniques, to integrate with other environmental consulting businesses, and to build reliable networks of cooperation. The name of the firm comes from the service that we provide. “EIA produces EIA services”.
A glance of our Strategy and Competitive advantages:
At the time of the preparation of our business model and the feasible study, our intensive market analyses show that the local and international markets lack the specialization in this field of consultancy. Most [99% of the selected population] of environmental consulting companies (locally, regionally, and internationally) are producing tens of services to their clients. Examples of the environmental consulting services are waste management, recycling services, wastewater treatment, cleanup sites, air quality monitoring services, environmental sampling, GIS and remote sensing, lab analyses for soil, gas, water, landfill designing, treatment plant designing, selling environmental sampling equipments and tools, environmental training, public awareness campaigns in several environmental issues along with tens of other services. They also provide EIA services for their clients; however, our strategic approach here is integrate with the other environmental consulting firms to conduct only that service to them (or directly to the clients).
We are gladly collaborate with other businesses (or directly with clients) to deliver the EIA services to them while they can continue doing their other services. It is an integration style of work.
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