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Environmental Remediation & Site Clean Up Services in Massachusetts. GeoInsight offers Environmental Remediation with a Strategic Approach to Meeting Your Property’s Cleanup Goals.
Environmental remediation services can range from fast-track source removal to more complex, multi-faceted solutions involving inter-related remedial approaches, GeoInsight designs, builds, and operates a variety of remedial solutions that reduce risks to both human health and the environment. We focus our efforts on returning your property to a productive and valuable state.

In 2014 the Massachusetts DEP updated one of the state environmental regulations called the Massachusetts Contingency Plan or MCP. Today we're here to talk to you about the regulatory changes to NAPL.. NAPL's are liquids that don't readily dissolve in water kind of like the olive oil in your salad
dressing. We often find them at petroleum and solvents spill sites where there has been a relatively large release into the ground. Examples of NAPLs
include gasoline diesel, fuel oil or solvents. Some NAPLs are light, meaning that they float on water and they're known as L NAPLs. Others are more dense than water and instead of floating they sink down into the groundwater. These are known as D NAPLs. So Kevin, what are these recent Massachusetts
regulatory changes to NAPL? Well it's easiest to start from where the regulations used to be prior to the 2014 changes. In the past the regulatory limit for NAPL in Massachusetts was a half an inch. If you were above that level, then you could not close the release, and you needed to do some additional
cleanup or investigation. The 1/2 inch limit was essentially a bright line. If you are over that limit then there was a problem and if you're under that limit then you could potentially close the site. It was a simple system and easy for folks to understand but it was actually too simple. The reality is that NAPL behavior in the sub surfaces is quite complex. and so the Massachusetts DEP revised the regulations to more accurately match how NAPL behaves in the environment. From a practical perspective what affects what these regulatory changes have on the cleanup process? Well the changes allow us to acquire
scientific knowledge about NAPL to get a better understanding of whether the NAPL actually present a risk. Moving forward we'll be using multiple
lines of evidence to look at things like the NAPL toxicity, whether the NAPL is mobile enough so they don't migrate somewhere and
whether the NAPL is a source of of vapors to buildings. If these data indicate that a NAPL doesn't present a significant risk, it's possible that you'll be able to close a site even if the NAPL thickness is greater than the half an inch. The biggest potential effect will be on those sites with viscous
fuel oil or lubricating oil releases. This NAPL is so thick that it's almost impossible to remove it to below the old half inch limit. These MCP changes make it potentially feasible to close some these previously unclosable sites. What about the less viscous NAPLs like gasoline or solvents? There won't be as much of a practical change for these NAPL sites because the primary concerns aren't related to thickness. These projects will require site specific evaluation by a licensed site professional. If you have any questions about these recent regulatory changes or if you would like to talk about a project with one of GeoInsight's licensed site professionals or engineers, It's easy to get in touch. We will be happy to give you a hand. Call 1-800-217-1953 or contact us at
The Massachusetts Contingency Plan or MCP are environmental regulations issued by the state of Massachusetts. This video explains the changes issued as pertaining to NAPL.

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