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Environmental Tracking: explained in under 3 mins Video

A succinct visual explanation of the EIO's Environmental Tracking concept.

The Environmental Tracking concept is designed to tackle climate change and comprises of 2 key parts:

1) The ET Carbon Rankings: scoring the world's largest companies by their greenhouse gas emissions as well as levels of disclosure & verification.

2) The ET Index Series: a suite of investable stock market indexes which re-weight companies, positively or negatively, on a sliding scale, according to their position in the Carbon Rankings. The logic being that if a significantly large pool of investors can be persuaded to track the indexes, they can begin to alter the supply and demand for these companies' shares in relation to their emissions, ultimately, therefore, influencing a company's share price to provide it with a clear cut incentive to cut emissions.

Together, these pillars of the ET concept are intended to encourage companies world wide to cut their emissions.

More information about the EIO and its Environmental Tracking concept can be found at http://www.eio.org.uk/

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