Fall Safe

Fall Safe

Facade - PowerSeat - Video

The Harken PowerSeat™ is a comfortable powered seat designed for use by rope access operators as a powered ascender and manual friction brake descender.
Used where the operator is working in a fall-arrest harness, this seating arrangement eliminates wasted energy maintaining an upright position, enabling the operator to work at height for longer periods.
Even more importantly, safety is greatly enhanced through the significant reduction in fatigue.

Full 360-degree working area allows unobstructed access, even in confined spaces.
The PowerSeat™ works with standard approved harness equipment that acts as a personal fall-arrest system, and does not replace it. It is a tool to be used with an existing safety system. The portable unit weighs just 14 kg so it's easy to carry around, yet strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant.

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