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FAST-ACT Review:Revolutionary Chemical Hazard Containment & Neutralization System Against Toxic Chemicals
FAST-ACT is a revolutionary chemical hazard containment and neutralization system effective against a broad range of toxic chemicals with the added capability to destroy chemical warfare agents.

FAST-ACT products enable responders and military personnel to immediately counter liquid and vapor chemical hazards utilizing a single technology.

FAST-ACT is capable of neutralizing acids to safe pH levels without over neutralization. Aerosolized FAST-ACT can remove toxic vapors from confined airspaces. Phosphorus and sulfur compounds are broken down to less toxic or non-toxic byproducts. Organic solvents can be safely contained to simplify clean-up. Industrial solvents can be absorbed and or neutralized. Additionally, FAST-ACT’s effectiveness has been verified against GD, VX and HD by leading independent laboratories.

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