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Fire Monitoring Video

Fire presents a very real danger in all facets of life and whether at home, work or travelling the opportunity exists for a small spark to very quickly turn into an inferno. Many examples are seen where hotels, shopping centres, cinemas become death traps from what starts as a simple spark from a maintenance procedure. In these circumstances a timely alert and response of fire fighting services is essential to save human life. Whilst many buildings and complexes are protected by internal fire alarm systems, sprinklers and the like, they do not generally integrate into a common network and provide indication of the fire at a central control or security point. A typical fire panel will provide an indicator panel which will show the alarm in a certain zone of the protected area and the alerting is usually limited to a local bell or flashing light in the building itself. Whilst this provides some protection to alert the inhabitants of the building it relies on people seeing or hearing the alarm and then also on alerting the local fire fighting services through a telephone or other communication device if available. Romteck Fire products have been designed to overcome the shortcomings of these systems by monitoring large numbers of building alarms and centralising these at a control centre. This allows instant knowledge and alerting of fire alarms as well as providing specific information as to the location, type and extent of the alarm. Romteck and its personnel have many years experience in providing fire alarm monitoring systems ranging from small networks for single buildings, military establishments and hospitals through to very large country wide networks covering thousands of buildings and hundreds of cities. As communication technology has rapidly advanced over the years, Romteck has updated its products to keep pace with these differing media and to protect the customers investment in their installed equipment. Integrated systems are available to operate over Copper line, Fibre optic, Microwave, Radio, GSM, GPRS, IP, CDMA, 3G, dial up and satellite.

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