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Fireguard K2 Kitchenhood System
Fireguard provide the most advanced automatic kitchen fire detection, fire suppression and monitoring system in the world. It comes with optional wireless monitoring provision and the cooker can be remotely turn power off.
Fireguard provide complete range of Fire Suppression system to be used in mobile cooking units up to the largest catering kitchens, factories with cooking/frying process's and domestic cooker hoods .

 LPCB approved to LPS 1223 Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems by BRE
 Unique K2 Linear detection more hygienic no pulleys or corners or metal plates to collect build up grease and drop into food.
 The only system that there are no parts to pay for at servicing and all parts are guaranteed for 5 years
 On a typical 4mtr canopy SP2 system has over 4,000 millimetre points of detection as opposed to a fusible link detection which would have only around 100 millimetre points of detection.
 System design to blend in with design of cooking area.
 Clean up after fire is fast can be an only hour only requires water and ordinary kitchen cleaning materials.
 All pipe work and nozzles stainless steel.
 Stainless steel cabinets contain fire systems again hygienic to clean.
 The entire fire detection and suppression system will operate with no electric or water supply.
 Will adapt to existing kitchen as well as new build.
 Easy to change system once installed.
 Connections for cutting off power to cooking equipment and extraction.
 The KP2 system has only one moving part to operate the system

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