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Flottweg Sedicanter - The Decanter Centrifuge for Soft Sediment - Video


Flottweg produces a special decanter centrifuge for soft sediment. The Flottweg Sedicanter separates solids from liquids. The special feature: the solids consist of a sediment with properties ranging between soft and fluid.

The Sedicanter combined the advantages of a separator and a decanter. It clarifies the suspension similarly to how a separator does, i.e. it achieves an optimally clarified centrate. At the same time - like a decanter - it processes a large amount of solid material in the feed and achieves a dry solid in the outfeed.

Typical applications for the Sedicanter are 'soft products' comprising a soft sediment:
Biomass, Yeast suspensions, Protein suspensions, Fermentation broths, UF retentates, CIP cleaning fluids, Activated sludges free from coarse materials, Fruit juice byproducts, Soap separation from oil refining processes, Vegetable raw materials...

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