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Flow and Pressure Adaptor Video

Langham Industrial Controls Ltd has recognised that there is a need within the water industry to measure both flow and pressure at the boundary box. This can now be achieved by connecting a manifold meter and dual channel data logger to the Langham Industrial Controls Flow and Pressure Adaptor. This leading edge development allows simultaneous monitoring and analysis of flow and pressure data on customers' water supply.

Our new innovative design allows water supply companies to monitor and report according to DG2 requirements, and provides vital data to robustly support and prove the outcome of service improvements following investment. The DG2 directive states that the reference level of service is defined as 10 metres head of pressure at the boundary stop tap with a flow of 9 litres per minute. More stringent surrogate measures have historically been applied that may lead to water companies over investing and thus providing a better service than may have been required. Our new flow and pressure adapter will greatly assist water supply companies to ensure that water supply investments achieve desired targets and no more than that.

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