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Flow Pulse - Pulsar Process Measurement - Video

Flow Pulse® is a unique, non-invasive flow monitor that clamps to the outside of a pipe and is simply secured with a screwdriver.

Flow Pulse offers you exceptional repeatability at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent magflow meter. It can reliably monitor flow across a variety of pipe materials including rigid plastic, stainless steel, cast iron and even corrugated pipes.
MORE INFORMATION: http://www.pulsar-pm.com/product-types/flow/flow-pulse.aspx

Easily installed and simple to set up, Flow Pulse uses an acoustic technique never before seen in flow measurement to deliver reliable results across an amazing range of pipe materials and sizes.

Website: http://www.pulsar-pm.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pulsar_PM

Pulsar Process Measurement are one of the foremost non-contacting level measurement instrument manufacturers in the world. By taking a step forward in echo processing technology, Pulsar have been able to address applications previously thought to be beyond the scope of ultrasonic level and flow measurement.

Flow Pulse® is a registered trademark of Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd. in the USA.

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