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Flusher and Push Video

See the Flusher at work against the build up for FOG - more important than you may think...

The combined flusher with a non-return valve (NRV), fronts a new and innovative design utilising a simple flood defence system that keeps sewers clean from blockages and the build up of FOG (fats, oils and greases). With the addition of a non-return mechanism, the valve self-cleans and removes blockages usually associated with regular NRVs.

A revolutionary and environmentally friendly solution to drain long-term sewer maintenance and cleansing, the system utilises the considerable potential energy within a sewer to clean itself, even during periods of high flow and in storm conditions. The removal of the top plate provides an optional overflow pipe for the event of a storm surge.

With a simple push-and-fit installation into existing manholes, there is no need for a new inspection chamber; it proves a very cost-effective solution for all applications, with versions available in plastic and stainless steel. The NRV Flusher is available in a range of standard and non-standard pipe sizes, used as a standalone unit without the NRV function:

4? (100mm)
6? (150mm)
9? (225mm)
12? (300mm)
15? (375mm)

For more information on sewer maintenance and cleansing contact Aquobex on 01923 518 582.

Guarantee: If after 12 months your Flusher fails to deliver a marked improvement and cost-saving benefits over and above your existing drain cleaning operations, we will accept the return of the device and refund you the full purchase.

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