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Fostoria Process Equipment - Heat Shrink Tubing Video

Fostoria designs and builds many short-wave infrared ovens to heat shrink composite sleeves placed over various steel tubing used for gas lines and A/C lines for automotive or other commercial markets. The sleeve, when heated, will shrink to the steel tubing and provide corrosion and abrasion protection.
In this video, the steel tubing, already inserted into the composite sleeve, is loaded onto a tray that will allow the tubing to be picked up by the conveyor 'fingers' and transfer into the infrared oven.
The heat shrinking oven consists of two banks of T-3 short-wave infrared lamps, and is zoned at top and bottom to achieve uniform temperatures along the tubing. The IR sections are also staggered, to start the heat process at one end of the tubing and gradually work toward the opposite end of the tubing. This helps prevent air from being trapped between the sleeve and steel substrate.
Based on the pre-set conveyor speed that will determine proper exposure to the IR, the process is completed when the tubing is released from the fingers at the opposite end and deposited into containers.

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