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Frankfurt Airport Bird Control Team Prevents Birdstrikes With Lasers Video

Frankfurt Airport uses the Aerolaser Handheld for bird strike prevention

We take care of trouble-free co-existence of air traffic, airport movements and nature. When you look on the map, you will see that Frankfurt airport is surrounded by forest and a nature conservation. We also have a couple of lakes and a river next to the airport. And which is most important we have the largest grassland or a pasture in the region that is not in use as agriculture. So a couple of bird species like to come to Frankfurt airport because they find this open grassland and find areas for feeding and resting and nesting. And there we start our ecological approach. The idea is to make the area as unfavourable as possible for those birds that we don’t want to have. The problem is that sometimes the ecological approach does not really work and we still have birds here so we need some bird control measures. WE have pyrotechnics, shotguns, loudspeakers and now we have the Aerolaser.

We had a training from the Bird Control Group explaining the functionality and of course the use of the laser. The Aerolaser works very good on all the birds that are sitting on the ground for example pigeons, herons, starlings. First of all it works on long distances we are talking about 300 to 600 meters. Second is we have the Horizon Safety System so it prevents from blinding anybody. It decreases intervention times. Imagine a bird sitting on the other side of the runway you don’t have to go all the way around the runway you can just work across the runway when there is no plane intersecting. You can use the Aerolaser and nobody else will notice. It does not make any noise and you can use it from inside the car for example.

I recommend the use of the Horizon Safety System very strongly on every airport because it is guaranteed that you cannot blind anybody, not a pilot and colleagues. And I think the training is also very useful so you can be safe in the use of the laser and also you have a proof when it comes to an accident.

We are very satisfied with the Aerolaser Handheld because it has a lot of advantages for bird control at airports. I think this sums it up so it is a very useful tool and we are lucky to have it at Frankfurt.

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