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Fridge Cells with MULTIMODULO - Video

Refrigerator cells and warehouses are increasingly common in food industry. There the freezing cold is transmitted through the building, downwards to the ground, taking it to a temperature below 0°C.
In these situations a process known as frost heaving (or frost heave) occurs: when the water contained in the soil freezes, its volume increases and expands upwards, with a risk of raising the foundation package and consequently leading to the formation of warps and cracks on the floor.
Damages caused by a frozen floor can lead to serious structural problems.
The safest and most cost-effective way to avoid frost heaving is MODULO system, which creates a ventilated cavity between the ground and the last layer of the cell package, in order to completely eliminate moisture.
It involves a passive system which does not call for complex labour and maintenance interventions.

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