Fume Tracker by Diversitech - Basic Operation - Video


Since its incorporation in 1984, Diversi-Tech has been a leader in the Air Pollution Control Industry designing, supplying and installing a complete line of Air-Filtration & Dust Collection products. Diversi-Tech's unique products and customized filtration systems have been sold around the world to a variety of different industries from aerospace to automotive, manufacturers to film studios.Diversi-tech has a filtration system that deals with every type of pollutant, including: metal, wood, plastic, composite, pharmaceutical, oil and coolant mist, spray paint, odor and fume control. With a detailed assessment of your needs, professional installation services and our hands-on approach, Divers-tech will create a safe environment for your employees and systems.

You can view our entire product catalog at... http://www.Diversitech.ca #welding #dustcollectors #fumeextractors

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