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GASERA ONE - Ultimate Performance Photoacoustic Multi-Gas Analyzer Video

GASERA ONE is a portable device for conducting ultra-sensitive, multi-gas analysis. Using its patented, cantilever-enhanced photoacoustic technology, Gasera Ltd. delivers a market-disruptive solution for climate change prevention, border security, and occupational safety improvement.

Gasera, a Finnish-based high-tech company, announces the launch of GASERA ONE, a new portable device for air quality and security measurement. GASERA ONE is based on cantilever-enhanced photoacoustic technology. It utilizes several different infrared light source technologies, such as widely tunable quantum cascade lasers (QCLs). This enables countless application areas for reliable ppb-level trace gas monitoring.

The main application areas include climate change prevention, border security, and occupational safety. GAS-ERA ONE simultaneously measures, for example, methane, nitrous oxide, and ammonia emissions from animal agriculture, a growing concern in combatting climate change. A vast number of illegal substances related to terrorism or smuggling, including narcotics, explosives, and even human beings, can be monitored using GASERA ONE at border crossing points or airport security checkpoints

Real-time detection of hazardous chemicals present in, for example, cargo containers or indoor air can bring remarkable improvements for both living and occupational conditions. Currently, approximately 20–30% of test-ed cargo arriving at major destination ports is identified as containing multiple chemical compounds exceeding Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL).

A significant advantage of the product is the intuitive interface, which is easy to use with a single knob or your smart device. Thanks to its photoacoustic detection scheme, GASERA ONE gives an exceptionally high level of stability with a re-calibration period ranging from several months up to several years, and thus it offers a low total cost of ownership.

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