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GD-10 Geo-electrical Resistivity/IP system

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GD-10 Series is a highly engineered geophysical exploration equipment with cutting edge technology. It is promoted to market focusing the best solution to meet emerging technological advancement, cost affordability, flexibility in field practices, the greatest accuracy in geo-electrical results, the enduring sustainability for a basic user to a progressive researcher and further more; GD-10 Series is a new state-of-the art D.C. Resistivity/IP meter that has brought a revolutionary change in resistivity and induced polarization imaging method. Besides normal land surface surveys, it also supports underwater and cross-bore hole surveys.

The measuring parameters include Self-Potential(SP), Resistivity(R0) and time-domain Induced Polarization(IP). It supports measurement functions which include 1D VES/SP/IP Sounding, 2D&3D resistivity/induced polarization imaging, as well as high-power IP survey.

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