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Generators within a Control Building — Romtec Utilities Tech Info

Mark Sheldon, Romtec Utilities' Vice President of Sales & Marketing, discusses the benefits of integrating a generator for backup power into a control building. Often times, our clients opt to locate generators inside a control building to protect the equipment from weather, vandalism, or theft. When placing a generator indoors, sound and ventilation are both serious concerns because of OSHA regulations and possibly local codes. Other factors to consider when using an indoor generator include: ventilation types, fuel storage, proximity to other indoor equipment, entryways for removing the generator, and additional codes or restrictions of the municipality.

For all brands and types along with the automatic transfer switch and auxiliary equipment, Romtec Utilities provides expertise in the integration of generators with control buildings for complete pumping systems. To get more information on generators inside of control shelters and how this option can be integrated into your next lift station project, contact Romtec Utilities, and we will provide you with all of the technical information, specifications, and design services you need to get a robust, site-specific packaged pump station.

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