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GEO`s In Situ Thermal Remediation Webinar with EPA Region 9 Video

Please join EPA Region 9 and GEO Inc. for a technical presentation on In Situ Gas Thermal Remediation (GTR™) and thermal conductive heating (TCH) that will provide regulators, consultants, and field applicators with an understanding of the primary thermally enhanced contaminant removal mechanisms and will help distinguish three types of In Situ Thermal Remediation available commercially in the U.S. and internationally. Additionally, benefits from heat generation, such as increased rates of naturally occurring processes (including hydrolysis, increased bio-availability, and different forms of bio-degradation at various temperature regimes) will be highlighted. In order to identify when In Situ Thermal is appropriate, important design factors will be discussed for their applicability and operation including developing a comprehensive and high resolution conceptual site model through the use of passive soil gas sampling, MIP, LIF, and other high resolution techniques.

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