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Geosynthetic Materials and Applications for a Sustainable World - ACE Geosynthetics (English) HD Video

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Are you aware of many facets of the planet we live in?
Broad Earth
Rich and Lush Forest & Land
The Fountain of Life Breeding From the Ocean
Vigorous Life

The Earth The Miracle

However, greenhouse effects have caused extreme global climate

Bring about much more catastrophe than ever.
Flooding, Road Collapse, Landscape Damage, Bare Ground,
All lives are under serious threats.
How do we coexist with the nature?

An integration of traditional and ecological engineering.
Pay attention to engineering safety and disaster prevention,
Emphasize on carbon reduction and ecology,
Restore the natural landscape
and reserve sustainability.

Rugged terrain landslides (Slope & Landslides)
Use in-situ soil and geosynthetic materials with vegetation
Revert to the original natural landscape
Safety as the base
Ecosystem as the guide
Carbon reduction as the objective

On the barren slope (Slope Vegetation)
Create boundless green land
Restore vegetation
We endeavor for ecological sustainability.

Railway Engineering
Apply geosynthetics to reduce differential settlement
Using minimum resources to maximize project values

Road Engineering
Use local or near-natural materials
Build sustainable and scenic highway

Riverbank Restoration
Create a natural waterfront landscape
Protect the safety of human life and properties
From the slope land to the coast

Marine Engineering
Infinite possibilities are stimulated

Beach Nourishment
Protect the earth  Protect rivers and marine

Ecological Sustainability -- core value of ACE Geosynthetics.
Integrate technologies of spinning and weaving, mechanical, chemical and material engineering,
and apply to various fields, including civil, geotechnoial, soil and water conservation, marine and river, as well as environmental engineering.
We were always here,
and will be here to protect the Mother Earth.

Sustainability Ecology Carbon Reduction Disaster Prevention
ACE Geosynthetics
We don't make the Earth, but we make the Earth better!


ACE Geosynthetics manufactures geogrid, geotextile, geotextile tube, geomat and sand bag for different engineering applications such as mechanical stabilized earth wall, reinforced embankment, slope repair, road and pavement reinforcement, waste landfill construction, sewage sludge dewatering, coastal reclamation, breakwater, groin, cofferdam, and other marine structures etc. More information can be found at

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