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Gilson 8in to 12in Sieve Shakers (SS-14, SS-14D) Video

Gilson’s newest Sieve Shakers accept ASTM or ISO sieves in multiple diameters of 8in, 10in, 12in, 200mm or 300mm for maximum versatility. Extended stack height allows more sieves in a single stack for efficient processing. Simple orbital and tilting action distributes material evenly across sieve mesh for accurate separations from #4 to # 200 (4.75mm to 75µm) particle sizes. Extended size ranges are possible for some free-flowing materials.

Sieve Capacity ranges from six 12in full-height to twenty one 8in half-height sieves. Sieves are locked in for testing quickly and securely with Gilson’s exclusive EZ-Clamp system. The easy to operate clamping system with integral sieve cover slides freely up and down the clamp rods with the push of a button. Once in position, a quick twist secures the stack. When the test is complete, raise just enough to remove the stack, and the clamps stay in place, ready for the next test without readjustment.

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