GPRSIM v3.0 Ground Penetrating Radar SIMulation Software Video

GPRSIM v3.0 Ground Penetrating Radar Simulations Software ( An example simulation of an undulating low velocity layer over a flat subsurface is shown. The simulation software integrates the reflection, transmission, attenuation, and refraction of microwaves through user designed 2d models. Conductivities and complex dielectrics can be chosen to draw any desired subsurface structure. The GPRSIM algorithm contains a digitzed grid where splines are included along with bisection method to get the most accurate reflection/slopes from model boundaries. The GPRSIM algorith includes design menus for the impulse response function of the antenna as well as the directional response function of the tranmitter and receiving antennas which can be set independently. GPRSIM v3.0 help interpreters of GPR to more accurately make intelligent assumptions about the nature of radargrams and by backing up these claims using forward modeling. In this example, the undulating low velocity layer causes the flat layer at depth to appear uneven on the reflection radargram in what is known as a 'velocity pullup'. At locations where the low velocity layer is thinnest, reflections from the deeper flat layer take less time to be recorded than areas where the low velocity layer is thickest.

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