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Gradeall Carpet Baler Video

The Gradeall Carpet baler is another machine in our range which takes advantage of the highly adaptable, successful and reliable MKII Tyre baler chassis, although with significant modifcations to optimise it for baling carpets.

The Carpet baler is a response to customer demand looking for a baler that was specifically designed to bale carpets, and after consultation with Northern Irelands Leading Carpet manufacuteres we are proud to announce our Carpet Baler

Despite its name the carpet baler is equally capable of baling a range of other materials including cardboard, plastics, foam even tyres, it handles a wide variety of carpet types with ease regardless if they are large or small offcuts, weather the carpet is bagged or loose, it can even deal with waste yarn making it a truly versalitle and multifunction machine that aims to satisfy all your baling requirements.

The carpet baler comes with a unique 3 piece front door layout, the top two doors can be opened up to give varied sizes for entering waste materials, ideal for forklift loading of materials, while the lower doors are controlled by the machines inteligent electro hydraulic control system for optimum convenience and safety. A simple yet durable and easy to use chain bale eject system is fitted to safely and quickly eject the bales onto a pallet or forklift truck.

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