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Using a Fiber Sorting System

Sorting fibrous materials is often a challenge because they get mixed with waste and other recyclables. By using a Green Machine fiber sorting system, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to sort this type of materials. There are a number of different ways you can benefit from using ones of these systems.

How a Fiber Sorting System Works

In order to quickly and accurately sort through the various fibrous materials that have been collected, Green Machine has combined a number of different pieces of fiber sorting equipment. Our systems make use of the following:
• Fiber separator screens
• Optical sorters
• Ballistic air separators
• Shredders
• Fiber sorters

Using these different tools, your system can separate out many different types of materials:
• Cardboard
• Newsprint
• Office paper
• High grade paper
• Other wood fiber-based products

Why Use this Type of System?

One of the biggest reasons for using a sorting system is to help increase participation in recycling. Green Machine’s aim with this type of equipment is to remove as many barriers to participating in a recycling program as possible.

One of those barriers is the amount of work required and the cost of recycling. Few consumers want to take the time to separate out their recyclables. This puts the task on you, but it takes a great deal of time and money to separate fibrous materials. Because it’s so time-intensive, most recyclers simply don’t do it. With our system, that’s no longer an issue.

How it Benefits You

How can you benefit from a Green Machine fiber sorting system?
• It’s quick and easy to sort fibrous materials.
• All recyclables can be placed in the same bin on the consumer’s end, then separated automatically by machine.
• Automatic sorting systems are capable of working non-stop for hours without any decrease in accuracy.
• There’s little maintenance or oversight needed.

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